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[2017-01-20] CCVS-Uganda Network Event 2017

LIRA Northern Uganda

On the 20th of January 2017, about 30 non-governmental and community-based organizations working in Lira District gathered in Margarita Palace Hotel, Lira. The organizations attended the Network Event organized by Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations in partnership with Lira District Local Government and Lira NGO Forum. The goal of this event, as explained by Francis Okello, Community Development Officer and the MC of the event, was to strengthen partnerships and referral networks between organizations.

“We should work as partners, pushing this district ahead.” - Lira District LC V Chairman

Words of welcome were shared by Lira NGO Forum, CCVS program officer, the Chairman LC-V, the Chief Administration Officer and the Resident District Commissioner of Lira District. All of them stressed the importance of strong partnerships and close collaboration between organizations in order to improve the services delivered to people living in vulnerable situations.

“Counseling is a process. It’s like taking medicine, it’s not a one day thing.” - Jennifer Atenga, CCVS-Uganda

Next, overall coordinator of CCVS prof. dr. Ilse Derluyn talked about CCVS international and opened up the floor for the staff of CCVS Lira. The team talked about the approaches they use such as sensitization and psycho-education, different types of therapy and community dialogues. All team members jointly presented the activities of CCVS, and so the audience learned about the radio program, school activities, prison work, activities in the mental health unit and so on.

Networking gallery

After the presentation of CCVS all organizations were invited to the network gallery where everyone was able to present the activities they conduct within Lira district. About 30 organizations presented their work and learned about the work of others. Participants also reflected upon key issues related to partnerships and referral networks.

Guidelines on on providing psychosocial support and plenary discussion

Lastly, Community Development Officer Francis Okello presented the district guidelines to be followed when providing psychosocial support. To round up, Vincent Alele, CCVS program officer, facilitated an interesting plenary discussion on how to strengthen partnerships between NGOs and CBOs working in Lira district. Many participants underscored the need for more collaboration and a smoother referral system, and promising plans were made to organize consultative meetings on a regular basis.

The event was closed by the Secretary of Community based services of Lira District, who encouraged all participating organizations to continue their work and keep on extending their services to more people and communities.

The organizing committee would like to thank all participants who attended and collaborated in this meeting. We hopes everyone keeps up the good work, and may even do better when working together!