Sofie Vindevogel

PhD in Educational Sciences


Sofie Vindevogel works as a lecturer at the Department of Orthopedagogy and a post-doctoral researcher at E-QUAL at the University College Ghent. She has been affiliated as a researcher to the Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations since its establishment in 2008.

After obtaining a Master in Educational Sciences - Orthopedagogics, from 2002-2007 at Ghent University, Sofie started working at the Department of Orthopedagogics of UGent as
scientific staff, where she was involved in several research projects concerning support trajectories of ethnic minority groups, effective and efficient Integral Youth Care, and an integral and integrated drug policy. Sofie also obtained a degree in the specific teacher training programme in educational sciences.

In 2013 she obtained her PhD in Educational Sciences at Ghent University with a dissertation on former child soldiers in northern Uganda. This research mainly addressed the question which challenges and resources these young people experience in their transition from military to civilian life, and which resources may strengthen their resilience. Her current research further explores how children, youth, families and communities in (post-)conflict situations cope with many different kinds of adversity, and which elements of their social ecology contribute to resilience.

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