Phd student, Ghent University
and University of Kisangani
& Coordinator CCVS-DRC

+243-997703264 / +243-813609591


Since 2010, Nancy Kay Sana is the coordinator of our CCVS practice centre in Bunia, Ituri, DRCongo.

Nancy obtained her masters degree in Psychology, option Business Psychology, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Kisangani in DRC. Her dissertation focused on the conceptualisation and treatment of mental illness among the Kakwa people (a contribution to the African Psychopathology).

From 2001 to 2009, Nancy worked with various international and national NGOs in the domain of psychosocial support for people affected by armed conflict (e.g. victims of sexual violence, traumatized persons, children associated with armed forces, street children and other categories of children in vulnerable situations). Next to psychological support, Nancy also provided capacity training to psychosocial actors working in different (inter)national NGOs on the issue of psychosocial support.

In 2015, Nancy started a sandwich PhD at Ghent University and the University of Kisangani. She will be studying the impact of the war onto the phenomenon of street children in Eastern Congo.

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