Kathleen Coppens

PhD student, VUB



Kathleen Coppens obtained her degree as Licentiate in the Psychological Sciences, option Clinical Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2008. Since October 2008 she’s working as a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department Clinical and Lifespan Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. During her first year she focused on the cultural validation and adaptation of questionnaires on symptom behavior (Hopkins Symptom Checklist – HSCL and the Impact of Event Scale Revised – IES-R) and the development of questionnaires on coping and traumatic experiences of youth in Northern Uganda. Furthermore, she was involved in a mapping and analysis of demographic data and traumatic experiences of former abductees in Northern Uganda and follow-up data on amongst other things their living conditions and symptom behavior. These analyses are based on data gathered by four rehabilitation centers in Northern Uganda. Lastly, she was involved in outlining an overview of the psychosocial support available to former abductees in Northern Uganda. Currently she’s responsible for the project ‘Longitudinal follow-up of the re-integration process of former child soldiers in Northern Uganda’. Specific attention will be paid to the context and community in which these children and youngsters are growing up, by also looking at how communities are building up after a war in which nearly all people from Northern Uganda have been living in Internal Displaced People camps for years.

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