Indra Versmesse

PhD student, KU Leuven



Indra Versmesse studied at the University of Ghent and obtained a Masters in Social Work (2011) and a Masters in Conflict and Development (2013). For this last Masters dissertation, she did fieldwork in a South African township where she examined how young people give meaning to the many, often violent protests for better public services in their neighborhood. Since October 2013, she is working as a PhD student at the department of "Education, Culture and Society", Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Leuven. In her doctoral research, she focuses on the role of education as part of humanitarian aid. In this she will look at how refugees themselves give meaning to education and how these practices intervene in their dealing with the traumatic experiences of violence, conflict and encampment. She will conduct fieldwork in refugee camps in western Uganda.

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