Eric Broekaert

Former professor at and head of the Department of Special Needs Education, Ghent University



Prof. dr. Eric Broekaert was former head of the Department of Orthopedagogics (Special Needs Education) at Ghent University in Belgium. He had a long experience in the field of substance abuse treatment and research, both nationally and internationally. Prof. Broekaert also founded the first TC (‘De Kiem’) in Belgium.

He was the Chairman of the Orthopedagogical Observation and Treatment Centre for children with behaviour disorders, and of the European Workshop on Drug Policy Oriented Research. He was a board member of the European Scientific Association for Residential and Foster Care and of the Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations (CCVS).

He was honoree vice president of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities. He was actively involved in a variety of national and international research projects concerning Substance Abuse Treatment. He authored numerous scientific publications, was co-editor of the journal Therapeutic Communities – The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities.

Unfortunately, Eric Broekaert passed away on the 28th of September 2016. He will be missed as a colleague and inspiration.

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