Cristina Fernandez

PhD student, VUB



Cristina is psychologist and magister in Psychology at the Andes University (Colombia), her thesis was about the characterization of the emotional performances of the stories of young people affected by political violence in Colombia. Recently, she finished other magister in Conflict, Territory and Culture at the South Colombian University (Colombia), her research was about recovery of family memories of a family displaced by political violence present in the region south of Colombia, the fundamental theorical guidelines was memory, family and emotions.

She is professor in social psychology at the South Colombian University (Colombia). Cristina directed social and research projects about culture of peace, council of children in the city, reflexive groups with displaced families, reconstruction of memories with victims, and characterization of psychosocial trauma in victims.

Since October 2015, she is doing a PhD in Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel under the supervision of Professor Gerrit Loots and is member Research Group Interpersonal, Discursive and Narrative Studies. Her project studies the meaning of music in vulnerable and victim children and young people from Neiva, Colombia who participate in a symphonic orchestra. This project is positioned in an alternative place in a moment of transition in the process of peace in Colombia where take the music as an opportunity to build social alternatives of healthy coexistence, tolerance, civic culture and civic ethics in a society who has lived in war.

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