Amer Shehadeh

PhD in Psychology



Amer Shehadeh is from Palestine. He was a supervisor of counselors at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education-Bethlehem Directorate.

He graduated as a B.A. in Psychology from Al-Najah National University in Palestine in 1997. He graduated as a M.A. in Educational and Psychological Counseling from Al-Quds University in Palestine in 2007. The title of his thesis was: "Psychological Problems of High School Students in Bethlehem Governorate". Meanwhile, he finished his special Diploma in counselor supervision and passed 414 hours at the centre for continuing education (Birzeit University/Palestine, 2007).

He started his career at the Ministry of Education as an educational and psychological counselor in governmental schools from 1998 until 2009. Afterwards he became a supervisor of counselors. His professional experiences were plentiful including work as a trainer in the field of trauma. He also worked as a trainer for the student parliament which included youth leaderships, resolution of conflicts, growth stages and working as a team. Additionally, he worked as a trainer in gender topics.

He traveled to Germany as a member of a team to exchange experiences in neural and biological partitions that result from stress. There, he participated in 170 training hours and another 50 training hours in Palestine. This way he could transform his theoretical background into practical experience in the field.

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